The Art Work Of Denise Nielsen and George Worthington

Oil Paintings

I have always had a love of nature, especially flowers. Visiting many gardens and natural woodland settings has enriched my life by helping and inspiring me to be more creative. I design my flower paintings with enlarged and oversized flowers. I sketch the flower first on paper and then transfer it to a very finely woven canvas. I paint in oils, using soft brushes to blend the colors and to create soft subtle shadings and a soft overall quality. So often in our busy lives we may forget to notice a flower and take the time to really see it. It is my hope that my paintings will inspire people to see and appreciate and care for the natural world around them. I paint as a way of thanking the universe for my gifts. I believe that exhibiting my work completes a spiritual circle of sharing my gift with others. Just as a quiet walk through a garden enriches my life, it is my hope that my paintings will be an enriching experience for those people who view and own them.
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Blue Iris
24" x 24"




  Blue Poppy I
22" x  22"
Blue Poppy II
22" x  22"
  Blue Poppy
18" x  24"
Blue Cyclamen
20 x  24"
  Blue Flowers
18" x 26"
Poppies After The Rain I
30" x  40"
  Poppies After The Rain II
30" x  34"
20" x 28"
  Violet Begonia
28" x  28"


Violet Iris
24" x  16"
  White Iris
26" x 20"
Orchids on Stem
32" x  24"
  Peach Begonia with Green
20" x  28"
40" x  50"


38" x  40"
Cyclamen Grouping
32" x  48"


  Blue Gray Camellia
32" x  48"
36" x  44"


  White and Yellow Begonia
22" x 24"



  Horse Racing
32" x 40"




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