The Art Work Of Denise Nielsen and George Worthington

Sculptural Wood Hats

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Flowered Hats

Some facts about our hats:

We hand carve our sculptural decorative hats from a variety of woods. As no two pieces of wood are exactly alike, neither are any of our hats. Each hat is one of a kind, signed and numbered. In creating our hats, we carve the brim, cap and band separately. Each flower petal is a single carved piece. Then the wood is sanded with successively finer grades of abrasive papers. We polish the wood with super fine abrasives called Micro-Mesh™. This yields an ultra smooth semi-gloss finish to the wood. The hat components, flowers and leaves are then assembled and glued in place. We apply an oil finish to the hat to give it luster and enhance the natural colors of the wood and to preserve it. The hats can be hung on a wall with a hanging bracket, that we provide, or placed on a table. We feel this is a highly expressive and creative art form with new designs added on a continuing basis.

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Men's Hats and Caps

Special Art Hats