The Art Work Of Denise Nielsen and George Worthington

Head Wrap
On this page we have the Turban in different stages of carving 
and several views of the finished piece.  

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6012Cherryturban18F.JPG (56363 bytes)

Cherry Head Wrap
Holly Flowers
Satinwood Fringe

13-inches tall by 10 1/2 inches wide 

6012CherryTurban1.JPG (27312 bytes)

6012CherryTurban3.JPG (44257 bytes)

We created a simple model by wrapping material around a Styrofoam head to give us an idea of size and shape. Then we glued up blocks of Cherry wood. From there we start carving.

6012CherryTurban9.JPG (34693 bytes)

6012CherryTurban6.JPG (40934 bytes)

6012CherryTurban10.JPG (37340 bytes)

6012Cherryturban11.JPG (43174 bytes)

At this point we added our Holly Flowers and Satinwood Fringe. The flowers are all individual carved petals. The fringe was a 8-inch by 4-inch by 2-inch block that was carved to fit. Then to finish we applied a Danish Oil.

6012Cherryturban18R.JPG (49208 bytes)

6012CherryTurbanL.JPG (26600 bytes)

6012CherryTurban16B.JPG (41373 bytes)





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